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DMG Luxatemp Star Automix Shade A3.5 Refill Each

- Substantially higher flexural strength and fracture toughness
- Improved initial hardness
- Great adaption and fit
- Outstanding esthetics and color stability
- Faster curing
- High biocompatibility
- Suited for long term temporaries


Instructions for use
Luxatemp Star

  • Temporary provisional material that sets a new standard for flexural strength and beauty. Provides unmatched stability and long-term durability for temporary crowns, bridges, and more. Highly accurate with incredible marginal adaptation. Superior aesthetics. Can only be used with Smartmix® Tips.

  • Composition: Bisacryl

    Item Type: Automix

    Packing Type: Cartridge Refill Package

    Ratio: 10.1

    Shade: Shade A3.5

    Weight: 76 Gm

    With: Flexural Strength