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DMG LuxaBite Bite registration material 50ml

LuxaBite is an innovative rigid bisacryl bite registration material that combines superior handling properties and a firmer setting to yield the most accurate, hard and stable bite registrations on the market. Developed with industry-leading clinicians Ross Nash, DDS, David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, and Mark Montgomery, DMD, LuxaBite is the ideal bite registration choice for all types of bite relationships.

1 x 50ml Cartridge
15 x Automix Tips


Instructions for use

  • - Excellent stability
    - The hardest bite registration material
    - No compression on mounting
    - Patient-friendly formula: tasteless and odorless
    - Easy to trim with a high-speed bur
    - Superior accuracy
    - Offers minimal resistance to closure of teeth
    - Fast setting

    Rigid bite registration

    Its thixotropic properties prevent the material from flowing into approximal spaces, and its superior final high hardness (Shore D-69, or Barcol 25 after 1hr) eliminates compression or flexing when mounted to facilitate precise bite registrations. LuxaBite is automatically mixed to a homogenous, bubble-free, non-slumping consistency and can be directly applied.

    And, besides LuxaBite’s stability when positioned on the model, dental assistants value the conveniently easy excess removal with a dental bur. After all, the material should be hard, not the work.

    Hardest quality bite registrations

    Besides a precise impression material an exact bite registration is the key for the fabrication of high-quality and perfectly fitting restorations.

    With its outstanding rigidity LuxaBite provides the prerequisite for a precise reproduction of the oral situation, enabling the dentist to integrate perfectly fitting restorations without the need for corrections. The contrasting blue color record is break-proof and easy to trim.

    LuxaBite’s extreme hardness combined with the user-friendly application with the Automix guarantees a clean and reliable fixation.

    Its superior handling properties and firmer setting yield the most accurate and stable bite registrations on the market.
  • Composition: Bisacryl (Glass filler in a matrix of multifunctional methacrylates - no methyl methacrylate or peroxides)

    Total Working Time: 45 seconds after start mix

    Rubbery Phase: 2-2:30 minutes after start mix

    End of Setting: 4 minutes after removal from mouth

    Barcol Hardness: 20 after 1 hour