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Directa FenderMate D-Coat Assortment L/R Regular L/R Narrow 4 x 18 pcs

Unique no-ring matrix system is now redesigned with a multilayer diamond coating combining a better visual contrast with anti-stick properties. Your high-quality class II composite restorations can now be achieved without adhesion to the matrix. The dark matt color will facilitate your work by giving excellent contrast. Like the original FenderMate, the pre-curved matrix includes a contact point and comes attached to a specially designed wedge which allows tight cervical sealings with no overhang.

18 x Light Green Left Narrow
18 x Dark Green Left Regular
18 x Ligh Blue Right Narrow
18 x Dark Blue Right Regular

  • 4 reasons to use
    FenderMate® D-Coat
    1. Non-sticking coating
    2. Dark & matt surface
    3. One piece design
    4. No cervical overhang