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Directa FenderWedge & FenderMate Intro-Kit

FenderWedge is a combination of a steel plate and a plastic wedge. It facilitates easy application of a matrix. To avoid aspiration it is recommended to secure FenderWedge with a waxed dental floss.


  • 4 reasons to use FenderWedge®
    1. Confident Preparations
    2. Protects adjacent tooth
    3. Pre-Separation
    4. Protects gingiva

    Animated movie on how to use FenderWedge.

  • Kit Included:

    FenderWedge: X-Small 3 pcs, Small 3 pcs, Medium 1 pc, Large 1 pc
    FenderMate: Left Narrow 8 pcs, Left Regular 2 pcs, Right Narrow 8 pcs, Right Regular 2 pcs