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Directa DryDent® Parotid Large 50/Pack

For optimal moisture control by absorbing saliva produced by the parotid glands.


  • DryDent Parotid introduces new features for controlling saliva produced by the parotid glands. DryDent Parotid is placed directly over the open ducts of the parotid gland where saliva is optimally absorbed, allowing a more drier working area. Its super absorbent foam material traps unwanted moisture, facilitating drier fields for impression taking, cementation and filling procedures. DryDent Parotid’s super absorbent capacity keeps moisture control even when it is fully saturated. It is made of smooth soft materials that provide maximum patient comfort throughout any treatment.

    4 reasons to use DryDent® Parotid
    1. Super absorbent
    2. Dry dentistry
    3. Soft and gentle
    4. Improved properties
  • Large 50x43x2 mm, expand size: 50x43x10 mm.
  • For adults one big DryDent Sublingual and two DryDent Parotid absorb about 16 ml of saliva during a 30 minutes treatment.