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Coltene Whaledent ParaPost Fiber Lux Post Size 6 5/Pack

- Cylindrical post design ideal for universal post application
- Translucent light-transmitting for fast on-command cementation
- Rounded undercut double head design for optimal core retention
- Easy post length adjustment on head or apical end
- Six sizes


Instrustion for Use
ParaPost® Fiber Lux

  • Benefits

    Metal-Free Aesthetics

    - All ParaPost Fiber Posts are ideal for highly aesthetic metal-free restorations within their individual characteristics

    - Fiber Posts are made of translucent or opaque fiber resin materials that reflect the natural hues of the tooth and eliminates shadows through all-ceramic crowns or composite restorations at the gingival/crown interface

    - Its elasticity performance rivals that of dentin – less risk of fracture of the root since loading is more evenly distributed

    - Less brittle than ceramic root posts

    Superior Head Design

    - Rounded undercut multi-head designs minimizes stress in the core material due to polymerization shrinkage

    - Multi-head designs for easy post length adjustment

    - Multi undercuts help to increase mechanical retention of the corematerial

    - Antirotation surfaces stabilize the adapted core build-up

    Fast On-Command Cementation

    - The translucent light – transmitting fiber resin material of ParaPost Taper Lux and Fiber Lux allows the use of light-curing cements and core material

    - Greater control over cement set time

    - Free choice between dual-or self curing resin cements

    Superior Strength

    - High percentage of unidirectional fiber clusters gives excellent strength
    characteristics without compromising flexibility

    - Retention ledges increase mechanical retention

    - Cylindrical post design evenly distributes functional forces and eliminates the
    wedging effect of tapered posts

    Excellent Radiopacity

    Outstanding Monobloc Restoration

    ParaPost Fiber Posts are made for the use of resin based cement and core build-up materials (e.g. ParaCore) to provide an optimal “monoblock” between the dentin-post-crown resulting in one cohesive restoration with outstanding durability and strength