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Coltene ParaPost XP Stainless Steel Posts .040 10/Pack

- Cylindrical post with flat head is ideal for the treatment of slim or of multi-rooted teeth
- X-Shape retention pattern including cement venting for superior mechanical grip
- Available in Titanium alloy (Ti6AL4V) and stainless steel › Seven sizes all compatible with ParaPost Drills


Instrustion for Use
ParaPost® XP™ SS

  • Benefits

    Complete Endodontic Post System For All Indications
    - State-of-the-art universal endodontic post system for all direct and casting techniques
    - Standardized system with up to seven sizes
    - Non-end cutting depth-calibrated drills for precise canal preparation
    - Two- or three-fluted drills available

    Patented X-Shape Retention Pattern Provides
    - Resistance to rotation
    - Superior tensile retention
    - Excellent cement venting
    - Parallel sides distribute functional stress equally along the entire length of the post

    Special Manufacturing Technique Provides
    - Increased resistance to oblique forces
    - Chamfered for ease of insertion during cementation