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Bluem Professional Implant Care Gel 15ml

bluem® Oral Gel with rich oxygen gel specifically for healing of oral wounds (15 ml)

- high concentration of active oxygen
- accelerates wound healing (after implantation, after chemotherapy, by ill-fitting dentures)
- accelerates healing of bleeding gums
- reduces pockets around teeth and implants
- works quickly and effectively


  • The role of oxygen in woundhealing after placing an implant
    blue®m oral gel is especially designed by a team of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists. The gel contains an extra high concentration of active oxygen this means that the tension of the said oxygen is increased in the mouth. This allows wounds in the mouth to heal faster. That’s why the blue®m oral gel is effective when you’re experiencing mouth problems.

    blue®m oral gel contains a unique formula based on active oxygen and lactoferrin: both powerful ingredients with a synergistic effect. The gel is easy to apply locally on troubled spots or wounds in the mouth. It works quickly in curing many mouth problems, such as bloody and inflamed gums (periodontitis), inflammation around implants (peri-implantitis) and open wounds.

    Many doctors use blue®m oral gel during or after surgical procedures. In addition, they recommend it to patients in order to stimulate healing of the wound(s). For example, after pulling teeth, after implantation, after chemotherapy or when you’ve wounds caused by badly fitting/fitted dentures.

    Do you have gum disease? In this case, blue®m oral gel is effective too! Anaerobic bacteria cause gum problems. These bacteria don’t survive oxygen. The gel with active oxygen can be applied in pockets, on inflamed gums or around inflamed implants. It’s easy and effective!
    For the best wound healing and an improved absorption of the active oxygen, it’s best to use multiple products simultaneously. The oral gel is specifically for local application, such as wounds or sores in the mouth. In addition, we recommend the use of toothpaste and mouthwash. By rinsing and brushing your teeth with active oxygen, you’re taking care of the optimal tension of oxygen in your mouth. The en result: a faster wound healing and less risk of complications.

    Because the gel is especially developed to accelerate wound healing, we call this wound support. Oral gel is a medical device and has a CE marking on it’s packaging. That means that the product has been developed according to the European rules, which are described in a European Directive. Not only the product but the production process too, meets the described quality and safety requirements.
  • Ingredients:

    Aqua, Alcohol, Glycerin, Silica, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid, PEG-32, Sodium Gluconate, Lactoferrin, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum
  • Put blue®m oral gel with the tube at the place where it is needed. Eventually dry with a swab the gingiva or pocket so that the gel remains better in site. Leave the gel as long as possible but with a maximum of one hour. Use blue®m oral gel with a maximum of three times a day after brushing and/or rinsing with blue®m toothpaste/mouthwash or as indicated by your implantologist, dentist or oral hygienist.

    To facilitate application of the oral gel use the oral gel applicator