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BlueM Neutral Mouthwash / Oxygen Fluid 500ml/Bottle

- The best support to heal and recover oral wounds and sensitive parts
- Best oral wound support
- Accelerates recovery after (dental) surgery
- Developed for people with a sensitive mouth
- Works fast and effective


  • The role of oxygen in woundhealing after placing an implant
    Never ever compromise on pain or uncomfy feelings. BluM have developed the blue®m oxygen fluid for people with a very sensitive mouth. The high concentration of active oxygen stimulates and supports the healing process of inflammation and wounds in the mouth.
  • Rinse with oxygen fluid for 60 seconds after brushing with blue m toothpaste or as indicated by your oral surgeon or dentist. Do not swallow and do not rinse your mouth after use.

    Avoid eating for 30 minutes after using the mouthwash, as this will reduce the effectiveness.