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BioHorizons Resorbable Memrbane Resorbable Collagen Membrane 20mm x 30mm

Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Matrix is engineered from highly purified, Type I bovine collagen to provide a predictable resorption period and ensure optimal bone regeneration. Clinicians can be confident that Mem-Lok RCM will serve as an effective barrier membrane for bone regeneration. Mem-Lok RCM supports graft stabilization and bone growth by providing soft tissue support and space maintenance over a predicable time frame. Because of its in-vivo stability, it enables easy handling in demanding indications.

- Predictable resorption period of 26 - 38 weeks.
- Macromolecular pore size permeability that permits the exchange of essential nutrients during healing.
- Adapts easily to various bony defects.
- Membrane only 0.3mm thick, yet rigid.
- Easy placement since membrane is not side-specific.
- Cell-occlusive for supporting bone regeneration.


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