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Cavex Orthotrace Alginate Ex-Fast Set 500g

Cavex Orthotrace is an orthodontic alginate impression material with a natural fruit scent. The product has been developed based on the needs of orthodontists specifically. Additionally, Cavex Orthotrace contains many features that provide patients with a more pleasant procedure.



Instructions For Use
Cavex Orthotrace

  • Due to reduced setting time, the alginate does not get into the back of the mouth. Hence, by using Cavex Orthotrace a gag reflex in patients is avoided. Moreover, the combination of pleasant scent and color invites one to sink one’s teeth into the impression material.

    On top of that, elasticity and high tear strength ensure that the impression can be easily removed from the mouth without tearing. Following, the alginate impression can be cast twice. The firm consistency of Cavex Orthotrace enables the creation of an accurate impression that extends to the muco-buccal folds.

    - Clearly legible pink color
    - Pleasant fruit aroma
    - Extra fast setting
    - Fast water absorption
    - Very elastic
    - Controlled setting time
    - Dustfree