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3M ESPE lso-Form Temporary Molar Crown 64/Set


  • - Pre-finished, contoured and belled to save placement time
    - Soft tin-silver alloy retains shape of preparation and is easily stretched and burnished to fit prep margins
    - Bicuspid and molar crown selection to cover adult posterior applications
    - Faster placement than acrylics and chemical resin for single units for a quicker procedure
    - Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage of prefabricated crowns

    Prefabricated crowns made of tin-silver alloy for short-term adult posterior use. Refills of individual permanent crowns are available in boxes of five.

    Bicuspid set contains 64 crowns in assorted sizes and is packaged in a stackable storage tray.