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[3MQ2] 3M Imprint II Garant Quick Step VPS Tray Material High Viscosity Bulk Pack 30 x 50ml

Imprint™ II is a handmix-VPS impression material which is designed for the 1-step heavy body / wash technique. A high viscosity VPS tray material which is fluid enough to extrude easily through the 3M™ Dispenser, yet provides excellent stability at tray seating. Imprint™ II Garant Quick Step materials are especially formulated for use in the simultaneous (dual-arch) impression technique, designed for making a precise impression of an inlay, onlay, veneer, or crown.

30 x 50ml Garant Cartridges

  • - Unique high viscosity tray material provides improved consistency at tray seating
    - Offers a final set rigidity that makes it ideal for use with double-bite trays
    - Requires significantly less extrusion force than other quick-setting products
    - Quick procedure reduces chair time which can lead to increased production: provides 1:15 minutes of room temperature working time and quickly sets in 2.5 minutes