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[3MQ4] 3M ESPE RelyX Veneer Cement Introductory Kit

RelyX™ Veneer Cement provides simple and efficient bonding of porcelain, composite and ceramic veneers. Combined with the 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ Veneer Try-In Paste, the cement can help simplify veneer procedures.

5 x 3g Cement Syringes (Shades A1, A3, B0.5, Translucent, White-Opaque)
5 x 2g Try-In Paste (Shades A1, A3, B0.5, Translucent, White-Opaque)
1 x 3ml Scotchbond Universal Etchant
1 x 5ml ScotchbondTM Universal Vial

25 x Dispensing Tips for Etchant Syringe
50 x Disposable Mixing Wells
50 x Disposable Microbrushes

  • - Customer-preferred delivery and shading system is easy to use
    - Try-in pastes are water soluble and residue-free and offer excellent colour match to the final cured cement for better patient satisfaction
    - Easy to clean up
    - Ideal, non-slump cement viscosity prevents veneer drift and is easy to dispense, apply and seat
    - Excellent adhesion to dentin and enamel reduces the potential for microleakage and marginal staining
    - Light-cure only, resin-based cement provides exceptional color stability. Additionally, the cement cures with a wide range of light sources