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[3MQ3] 3M Filtek Universal Restorative Syringe A2 1 x 4g

The 3M Filtek Universal Restorative PO (Pink Opaquer) effectively masks metal and dark stains, providing optically infinite thickness to restorations, improving the overall quality of the restoration. For use in anterior or posterior. The Pink Opaquer is part of the 3M Filtek Universal Restorative range, a universal composite featuring NaturalMatch technology creates beautiful, natural looking restorations that blend in with surrounding dentition, providing a chameleon effect. 3M’s True Nanoparticles provides excellent wear resistance and polish retention.

1 x 4g Syringe

  • - Effectively masks dark stains and metal
    - Simplified shade selection—just 8 designer shades to cover most of your patients
    - Universal opacity to blend more naturally
    - Extra White (XW) for matching bleached teeth
    - Fluorescent pigments to give restorations a lifelike appearance
    - 3M’s nanotechnology for easy polish that lasts
    - Proprietary low-stress monomers for fracture resistance
    - Increased radiopacity for easier identification at recall
    - 2mm depth of cure
  • Cure Type: Light Cure

    Delivery System: Syringe

    Environmental claim being made: Yes

    Material: Nanocomposite

    Opacity: Body