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[3MQ4] Filtek Restorative Dispenser Each

3M™ Filtek™ Restoratives Dispenser is a dispenser for the application of 3M dental materials in capsule format. The easy-pull trigger and ergonomic design reduces the force needed for extrusion. A rotatable capsule holder makes loading/unloading easier than before, with a snap-in feature that lets you know the capsule is secure.


  • - Rotatable capsule holder is designed for easy load in, no matter the angle
    - Features a “snap-in” function that secures capsules during dispensing and makes it easier to load/unload capsules
    - Easy-pull trigger and ergonomic design
    - Compatible with warming devices like the Bioclear® HeatSync® Composite Capsule warming device
    - Can be cleaned manually or with a washer-disinfector and can be high level disinfected or sterilized (tested for 200 cycles)