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[3MQ2] 3M ESPE RelyX Fiber Post 3D Glass Fiber Post Size 3 Blue Box

RelyX™ Fiber Post 3D Glass Fiber Post's coronal 3D macro retentions offer higher mechanical retention to the core build-up material. Due to its microporous surface it also provides a strong bond in a root canal without silanating step. Post position control is greatly improved as a result of its enhanced radiopacity.

10 x Posts - Blue Size 3 (1.9mm dia)

  • - Higher mechanical retention to the core build-up material thanks to coronal 3D macro retentions
    - Strong bond in the root canal due to its microporous surface without a silanating step
    - Better post position control thanks to improved radiopacity that is among the highest of available glass fiber posts
    - Low risk of root fracture due to dentin-like elasticity
    - More esthetic option than metal post
    - Excellent light translucency for efficient light cure deep into the root canal