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[3MCS] 3M ESPE Protemp Crown Temporisation Material Introductory Kit Each

6 x Molar Upper Large
6 x Molar Upper Small
6 x Molar Lower Large
6 x Molar Lower Small
4 x Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Large
4 x Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Small
4 x Bicuspid (Premolar) Lower
3 x Cuspid (Canine) Large
3 x Cuspid (Canine) Small

  • - Nine preformed sizes
    - Custom fit
    - Excellent strength
    - Natural-looking aesthetics
    - Light curable
    - Low intra-oral heat during fitting process

    The world's first preformed, malleable temporary crown with a revolutionary technique that can result in higher productivity for you.
  • Crown Shape: Molar and Bicuspid

    Dentition: Permanent

    Material: Composite