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[3MQ4] 3M ESPE Protemp II Temporisation Material Shade A3 Light Refill Double Pack

2 x 28g Base Paste in Shade A3 Light in Metering Syringe
1 x 2.4g Catalyst Each I and II in Double-metering Syringe
1 x Application Syringe
1 x Mixing Pad

  • - Easy-to-extrude delivery system
    - Offers exceptionally tight marginal seal with precision fit
    - High biocompatibility
    - Suitable for long-term temporary fillings, crowns and bridges due to its high mechanical strength and precision fitting
    - Excellent aesthetics due to great colour stability, high polishability and the choice of three intensive shades: A1 extra light, A3 light and B3 yellow. The shades can also be mixed with each other to allow better shade matching

    This bis-acrylic composite in a hand-mix formulation for direct chairside applications offers excellent aesthetics, tight marginal seal with precision fit, and high biocompatibility.
  • Delivery System: Hand Mix

    Material: Bis-acrylic Composite