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[3MQ3] 3M ESPE Scotchbond Universal Adhesive Introductory Kit Vial

1 x 5ml Adhesive Vial
50 x Disposable Microbrushes
50 x Disposable Mixing Wells
1 x 3ml Etchant Syringe
25 x Application Tips for Scotchbond Universal Etchant

  • - Combined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive
    - Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentine
    - Virtually no post-op sensitivity*
    - Effective on all surfaces
    - High bond strength to all indirect surfaces (zirconia, alumina, glass ceramics and metals) without a separate primer
    - Excellent marginal integrity for highly aesthetic restorations
    - One-step, one-coat adhesive application
    - Self- and dual-cure compatible with (Scotchbond™ Universal Dual Cure Activator)
    - No refrigeration needed
    - Store at room temperature for two years
    - Flip-top vial and unit-dose delivery
    - Improved, easy-to-place etchant

    Go beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive.
  • Adhesive Type: Selective Etch, Self-etch, Total Etch

    Cure Type: Light Cure

    Delivery System: Vial