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[3MQ2] 3M Monophase Penta Soft Medium Body Single Pack 1 x 300ml Base 1 x 60ml Catalyst

Monophase polyether impression materials helps to achieve high-quality, finely detailed impression results on the first take and perfectly fitting restorations. Take precise impressions with improved readability thanks to superior polyether features and bright material colour.

1 x 300ml Base Paste
1 x 60ml Catalyst

  • - Hydrophilic before, during and after the setting for excellent accuracy, even in the presence of moisture
    - Snap-set properties reduce the potential for distortion during the setting process and removal from the mouth to assist with precise-fitting final restorations
    - For onlay, inlay, bridge, crown, implant and functional impressions
    - Top-of-the-class detail reproduction due to outstanding