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[3MQ3] 3M ESPE Impregum Penta DuoSoft Heavy Body Standard Pack 2 x Base Paste 300ml 2 x Catalyst 60ml

2 x 300ml Base Paste
2 x 60ml Catalyst

  • - Excellent flow properties--captures fine details for precise impressions
    - Excellent initial hydrophilicity for void-free impressions in moist conditions
    - "Snap-set behavior" of soft polyether is ultra-forgiving for precise-fitting restorations without distortion
    - Helps get an accurate impression on the first take--reducing the need for costly adjustments, remakes and retakes
    - Less rigid polyether is easier to remove, great for dual-arch trays
    - Quick Step materials cut working and setting times by at least 33%
    - Tray materials available in both Pentamix™ Mixing unit and cartridge dispenser
    - Get accurate detail even in moist conditions with this polyether impression material
  • Delivery System: Pentamix™ Mixing Unit

    Material: Polyether

    Set Type: Regular Set