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[3MCS] 3M Ubistesin Forte 4% Local Anaesth 50'sx1.7ml

Local anesthesia (infiltration and nerve-block anesthesia) in dentistry.


  • - Contains 4% articaine with epinephrine 1/100000 as a vasoconstrictor
    - Contains only sulfite as a stabilizer (max 0.31 mg)
    - Cylindrical glass ampoules with inner coating of silicone for smooth and gentle injection
    - Safety foil around the glass cylinders for protection from splinters if ampoule breaks
    - Solid metal storage tin with padded interior for protection against damage during transport

  • - Suitable for adults and children over the age of 4 years
    - Average duration of action: 75 minutes pulpal anesthesia and 120–240 minutes soft tissue anesthesia
    - Onset period of 1–3 minutes