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[3MQ2] 3M Imprint 3 Penta Heavy Body Refill 2 x 300ml Base Paste 2 x 60ml Catalyst Paste

3M™ ESPE™ Imprint™ 3 VPS Impression Material is designed to resist distortion to help reduce costly retakes, remakes and adjustments.

2 x 300ml Base Paste
2 x 60ml Catalyst

  • - Ideal balance of clinical properties
    - More hydrophilic than all leading VPS impression materials, to help you get void-free impressions
    - Memory: best-in-class elastic recovery resists distortion for a more accurate impression
    - Toughness: resists tearing better than most leading brands
    - Available in a full range of viscosities, deliveries and setting times
    - Backed by 3M ESPE, the worldwide leader in impression materials
  • Delivery System: Pentamix™ Mixing Unit

    Material: VPS

    Physical Strength: Higher

    Set Type: Regular Set

    Viscosity: Heavy

    Work Time: 2 Minutes