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Philips Kids Brush Heads Refill Age 3+ 2/Pack

Superior cleaning in seconds*
Cleans and protects growing smiles ages 3+

* than a manual toothbrush


  • Sonicare For Kids toothbrush head is perfect for small mouths with growing teeth. It works exclusively with the For Kids power toothbrush that together deliver a safe and more pleasant experience that kids find fun and habit-forming.

    - It features a contoured profile to fit your child's teeth Age 3+ and soft bristles for a gently cleaning experience
    - Superior cleaning maximizes every second
    - Works with any Philips Sonicare click-on toothbrush
    - Part of a better oral healthcare routine
    - Reminder bristles ensure they're getting an effective clean
    - Engineered to maximize sonic motion
  • Compatibility:

    Brush head system - Click-on
    Suitable for these models - for Kids

    Design and Finishing:

    Bristle stiffness feel - Medium
    Color - Aqua
    Reminder bristles - Blue bristle color fade away
    Size - Compact
    Material brush head - BPA-Free

    Health Benefits: Plaque removal - Helps remove plaque

    Quality and Performance:

    Replacement - Every 3 months
    Tested - for optimal usage