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HS Suture 5-0 Plain Gut C-3 Beige 18" Monofilament 12/Box

- Uncoated absorbable
- 13mm 3/8 Circle needle precision reverse cutting


  • Made of first quality raw material, Catgut ensures a dependable and predictable absorption and an extremely high tensile strength.

    Features & Benefits:

    - In vivo tensile strength of gut suture varies by type and site of placement
    - Every strand is precision polished to a uniform diameter, permitting smooth and secure knotting
    - Natural absorbable material
    - Packaged in Dry or Wetting Solution
    - The monofilament Nylon is a polyamide suture with characteristic high tensile strength
    - The uniform smooth surface permits easy passage through tissue
  • Absorbability: Absorbable


    Color: Beige


    Disposable/Reusable: Disposable

    Material: Plain Gut

    Needle Code: C-3

    Needle Curvature: 3/8 Circle Needle

    Needle Length: 13mm

    Needle Type: Precision Reverse Cutting

    Suture Length: 18"

    Suture Size: 5-0