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G-CEM Capsule Assorted 50/Capsules

- Excellent bonding property to restorative materials, including zirconia
- High bond-strength to enamel in both self-cure and light-cure modes
- No need for pre-conditioning on the tooth structure
- Direct delivery into the root canal preparations with special elongation tip
- Long-term stability and color stability since there is No dissociation after curing
- Lowest linear expansion


  • G-CEM® is a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement, available as double-barrel automix syringes or capsules, and designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal, or composite indirect restorations. With CAD/CAM and metal-free restorations becoming so popular, G-CEM® combines the improved handling and self-adhesion of conventional cements with the excellent mechanical properties, adhesion, and esthetics of resin cements. G-CEM® allows for simplicity without compromising bond strength to dentin, enamel, or zirconia.
  • Box of 50 capsules (20 each of
    A2 and Translucent; 5 each of Shade AO3
    and BO1)