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[3MQ4] 3M Ketac Silver Aplicap Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative Refill 50/Box


  • - Silver particles are sintered into the glass using a 3M ESPE process, which makes 3M™ Ketac™ Silver glass ionomer restorative an excellent thermal and electrical insulator

    - Offers high, sustained fluoride release

    - Contains no amalgam

    - Aplicap™ and Maxicap™ delivery systems provide accurate, consistent mixing and easy dispensing

    - Maxicap is indicated for extended core build-ups

    This silver glass ionomer contains no amalgam and offers high, long-term fluoride release as well as adhesion to enamel and dentin to ensure sealed, lasting restorations without the need for undercuts.

    Suggested Applications Core build-ups. Primary teeth fillings. Small fillings in posterior teeth. Base under amalgams. Temporary restorations.