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BioHorizons, Laser-Lok is a series of precision-engineered cell-sized channels laser-machined onto the surface of dental implants and abutments. 專為小區域的前牙美學所設計,可有效維繫牙肉組織,讓細胞生長在植體上,保持牙骨高度,防止萎縮,創造豐滿牙齦。
BioStrip & BioPlug
Bone Fixation Screw Kit
Indicated for use in fixation of cortical onlay grafts and meshes and for membrane tenting used in G..
Bone Graft & Membranes (Mem-Lok® ResorbableCollagen Membrane (RCM))
Features - Predictable resorption period of 26-38 weeks - Macromolecular pore size perm..
Bone Graft & Membranes(MinerOss® X Family of Xenografts)
Applications include: - Ridge and sinus augmentation - Extraction socket grafti..
Dynamic Abutment® Solutions (DAS) on Cast Angulation Screw Channel Abutment up to 28° 讓你輕鬆調較角度的Abutment (可調至28度)
Internal Implants
Mem-Lok® Pliable
Membrane Fixation System
-  The AutoTac® System Kit is used to secure membranes with the push of a but..
MinerOss® Cortical & Cancellous Chips
Single-Stage Implants
- Power thread provides up to 154% greater surface area - Two body diameters for each platf..
Tapered Internal Family(Tapered HD Surgical Kit)
Tapered Internal Family(Tapered Plus Implants)
- Dual affinity Laser-Lok surface provides excellent bone maintenance and soft tissue attach..
Tapered Internal Family(Tapered Tissue Level Implants)
Tapered Internal Implants( 3inOne abutment and Laser-Lok Complete)
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