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(con’t) Buccal Tubes
200 Series Direct Bond Bracket Remover (Angled)
- Sharp beak wedges under bracket base - Lifts off bracket from tooth surface with no disco..
200 Series Flush-Cut Safety Hold Distal End Cutter
- Superior control when cutting behind second molars - Holds loose wire and cuts “flus..
200 Series Hard Wire Cutter
- Specially designed for cutting hard wire - Slightly larger head size for increased durabi..
200 Series Jarabak without Cutter
- Grooves on both beaks ensure accurate bending and closing with the addition of serration o..
200 Series Long Handle Distal End Cutter
- Longer and lighter slim design improves access to distal areas with less applied pressure ..
200 Series Micro Ligature Cutter
- If you have a small hand or like the feel of a small instrument, these pliers are for you ..
200 Series Miniature Safety Hold Distal End Cutter
- Compact design gives greater range of motion in tight areas - Holds cut wire end to prote..
200 Series Pin and Ligature Cutter, Small Head
- Small cutting head for better mobility and view of operative site plus full sized handles ..
200 Series Posterior Band Removers
- Band removal is easier and more comfortable - The replaceable 5mm bushing rests on occlus..
200 Series Safety Hold Distal End Cutter
- Cuts hard round, rectangular, an- nealed, and braided wire - Holds loose wire end, protec..
200 Series Standard Pin and Ligature Cutter
- Ideal for clean, flush cuts on pins and soft wire - Standard size tip and body of pliers ..
200 Series Weingart Pliers
- Offset beak provides a convenient working angle - Fully serrated tips hold wire firmly an..
600 Series Adams Pliers
- Built to take the pressure required to work all Adams clasps and to reduce discomfort for ..
600 Series Crown/ Band Crimping Pliers
- Slim tip makes it simple to crimp and reform crowns and bands for a snug fit - Slim desig..
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