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Automix Dispensers
Have a close look at this impressive case by Kilian Molina using Icon Infiltration technique. 來看看真實個案- DMG ICON怎樣治癒早期蛀牙
 Icon Infiltration technique:
Honigum®- Automix & MixStar Heavy/Heavy Fast
VPS-Based Pre-Impression Material  ..
Honigum®- Automix & MixStar Mono
VPS-Based Monophase Impression Material  Advantages - Precise reproduction of the ..
Honigum®- Light & Light Fast
VPS-Based Correction Impression Material  Advantages - Excellent flow p..
- Caries Infiltration - Esthetic results on smooth surfaces - Preservation of heat..
Resin Ionomer Base Liner  Advantages - Unique compensation of composite polymeris..
Total-Etch Dual-Curing Adhesive System  Advantages & Features - Self-curing: H..
Dual-curing composite for core build-ups    Indication  - Core ..
LuxaCore® Z
Self-curing composite for core build-ups  Indication  - Core build-up, post c..
LuxaFlow Star
LuxaFlow® Star
This Flowable, Light-Curing Composite Is Well-Suited For Esthetic Repairs And Add-Ons Of Lu..
Thermoplastic Polymer Impression Material Advantages  - No tray necessary - No m..
Glass fiber reinforced pre-silanized composite post with dentine-like flexural modules ..
Luxatemp Star
The Temporary Crown & Bridge Material For Natural Asthetics  - Higher flexural ..
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