Coltene Whaledent

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Adapter & Double Adapter
-  To ensure that Roeko aspirator tips can be used on all standard aspirating equipment..
Ultrasonic Cleaning System  ..
Bur Kits (Diatech Inlay and Crown Preparation Kit)
Diatech Inlay & Crown Preparation Kit  - Everything depends on the geometry of the..
Bur Kits (Diatech Universal Shapening and Finishing Kit)
  Diatech Universal Shapening & Finishing Kit  - Comprises 8 Multi..
Bur Kits(Diatech Composite Polishing Kit)
- Smooth surfaces offer the best protection against plaque ac- cumulation and discolouration..
Bur Kits(Diatech Crown and Bridge Separation Kit)
- Time saving - These 3 cross-cut burs and 1 tungsten carbide bur plus the coarse Multil..
Dental Dam Frames
GI-Mask® Automix New Formula Refill
- Provides accurate reproduction of soft tissue structure - The A-silicone based gingival m..
Hygenic® Ainsworth Dental Dam Punch
Item code : CW-H01261 Packing : Each  ..
Hygenic® Complete Kits
Hygenic® Dental Dam
- Hygenic® Dental Dam is made of pure, natural rubber latex - Tough and hard to tear, t..
Hygenic® Dental Dam Clamps
Hygenic® Dental Dam Forceps
Item code : CW-H01262 Packing : Each  ..
Hygenic® Fiesta® Dental Dam
 Latex -  Natural rubber latex dam is supplied scented for greater patient and staff..
Hygenic® Medium-Soft No.3 Pink Wax
Easily softened and cooled to minimize shrinkage Soft modeling  Item code : CW-H0080..
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