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Glasionomer FX-II Improved

Glasionomer FX-II Improved

Product Code: SF-3245/3246/3247/3248

An Enhanced Direct Restorative Glass Ionomer Designed In Vita Shades With
  Remarkable Mechanical Properties And Ease Of Handling 


- Superior mechanical properties
- Enhanced aesthetics with high translucency and optimal polishability
- Exceptional handling characteristics
- Continuous release and recharge of fluoride ions, biocompatible and radiopaque with low solubility
- Packable and easy to use 

- Restoration of pits and fissures, cervical erosion and abrasive 
- Intermediate restoration for heavy stress bearing areas 
- Final restoration for non-stress bearing Class I and II in adult dentition 
- Created for Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) and Minimal Intervention (MI) dentistry 
- Geriatric and Pediatric restorations 

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