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Beautifil® Injectable

Beautifil® Injectable

Product Code: SF-2050(See the table)

- The only universal restorative that comes in an injectable syringe, packed with exceptional strength
   and sculptable beauty at your fingertips
- Formulated with a higher filler load and a uniquely strengthened resin matrix, Beautifil Injectable
    exhibits a greater degree of poly merization to achieve remarkable mechanical properties 
- The filler-resin structure has been optimized to control light diffusion within to mimic the optical
   charac- teristics of natural teeth. Inherent natural aesthetics, fluorescence and opalescence
   enable the clinician to create indiscernible restorations 

- Class I through Class V restorations
- Direct veneers
- Core build-up
- Shape & shade  modification 
- Minimally invasive anterior and posterior restorations 
- Restoration of occlusal surface 
- Repair of composite
- Ceramic restorations 


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