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Beautifil®-Bulk Restorative

Beautifil®-Bulk Restorative

Product Code: SF-2035/2034

Provides Exceptional Condensability And Sculptability Ideal For Posterior Restorations

Delivering Superb Shade Stability, Low Shrinkage Stress And Full Polymerization At 4mm 


-  High fill ratio (87.0wt% 74.5vol%) reduces polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress while increa
   - sing compressive and flexural strength
-  Ideal balance of light diffusion and transmission ensures complete poly- merization at 4mm depth of cure
-  Outstanding Vickers hardness value 
- Optimum translucency creates esthetic shades unaffected by surround- ing intra-oral color
- Sustained fluoride re- lease and rechargability
- High level of radiopacity 

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