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Beautifil®-Bulk Flowable

Beautifil®-Bulk Flowable

Product Code: SF-2030/2031

Designed To Deliver Aesthetic Results, Low Shrinkage Stress And Complete Polymerization At 4mm Depth Of Cure 

Advantages & Features
-  High filler ratio (73wt%) helps to reduce volumetric shrinkage (3.5%) and shrinkage stress while increasing
   compressive and flexural strength
-  Vickers Hardness test results (48 Hv) show above 95% poly- merization at 4mm depth of cure
-  High flexural strength (119 Mpa) with a low flexural modulus(9 Gpa) 

- Natural Opaque shade stability to match surrounding tooth structure
- Superior fluoride release and rechargeability
- Self-leveling allows easy adap- tation
- 10 second cure time
- High level of radiopacity, 2.5 Al:mm 

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