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Beautifil® Flow

Beautifil® Flow

Product Code: SF-1431(See the table)

Designed For A Wide Range Of Applications: Minimal Lesions Such As Class I, III And V Cavities
 (minimal intervention), Pit And Fissure Sealant, Base And Liner Under Direct Restorations 

- A light-cure fluoride releasing aesthetic dental restorative material developed through the Giomer
  concept using the S-PRG technology (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass Ionomer)in two distinct
F02 (Low Flow) and F10 (High Flow)

- Excellent aesthetics and high surface polish - Unique Anti Plaque Effect
- Fluoride release and recharge
- High elasticity and stable stress relaxation
- Remarkable Radiopacity
- User friendly syringe design; dispense on demand with no oozing of excess paste, 360° Rotary Finger Grip and
  multi-purpose rubber shield cap 

F02 (Low Flow): Effective to use where paste flows moderately and shape should be retained, such as cervical areas

F10 (High Flow): Effective to use where smooth flow is necessary, such as uneven or narrow spaces, and also can be used as a liner 


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