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Finland SaLLI Ergonomic Chair Sway and Chin

Finland SaLLI Ergonomic Chair  Sway and Chin

Product Code: SAL-SWAY(See the table)
Salli has been developing its products since 1990. The company has developed from a mere producer of saddle chairs into the leading developer and pioneer of sitting health.
Benefits:  Circulation is undisturbed when we sit on a two-part Salli saddle chair. Bones (sitting bones, feet and elbows) carry the weight, so there is no pressure on soft tissues. No muscle tensions or outside pressure disturb circulation. Deeper breathing and improved circulation enable the body to get enough oxygen and nutrients.
Sway mechanism: The Sway mechanism of Salli Sway makes the chair move freely to all directions.  On a two-part saddle chair the back is in the same position as when standing, and the lower back lordosis can be maintained. The gap in the seat enables you to keep your back straight even when you need to lean forward. Moving and reaching for things is easy and fast on Salli. Small and practical Salli enables both the dentist and the assistant to work close to the patient.
Salli Chin has fixed seat width.

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