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die: master

die: master

Product Code: RF-1956-0900(See the table)

Systematic Die Preparation 

- die:master Die Spacers:
Extremely steam-proof and scratch-resistant thanks to high density, glass-like die spacer layer
Generates maximum bond strength between hardener and die spacer due to primer technology
Die spacer will not puddle on the brush or die, yet it sticks well to line angles due to its extremely thixotropic flowability 

- die:master Set:
Faster and cleaner access to all components of the system thanks to the stand
Practical, firm base for drying all types of die
Quick and clean storage with supplied high quality separating brush with magnetic holder 

die:master Duo:
Cross links the die stone structure for in depth hardness and high edge-strength
Maximum bond strength thanks to chemical bond to die spacer layer
0 μm thickness for a 100% dimensionally stable die 

die:master Thinner:
Long-term, sustainable varnish quality, even after frequent use
Controlled regulation of the vis- cosity because it can be dis- pensed accurately drop-by-drop 

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