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GO-2011 Plaster Solvent

GO-2011 Plaster Solvent

Product Code: RF-2011-0000

The Most Effective All-In-One Cleaner For Alginate And Gypsum Contamination With Only One Solvent! 

- Cleans instruments and utilities even in hard-to-reach areas
- Ready to use: Simple and fast
- Quick reacting (bubble forming)
- Does not etch acrylics, metals, or glass
- Best effect when used in ultrasonic cleaners at 40–50°C (104–122°F) 

Best Cleaning Times

- 5-15 minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner
- 15-90 minutes without ultrasonic cleaner 

Item code: RF-2011-0000
Packing : 2,000 mL/bottel

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