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Impression Materials

Impression Materials
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3M ESPE Palgat™ Plus Alginate
Alginate With Impressive Handling Characteristics  - Highly elastic and therefore h..
3M™ESPE ™ Monophase Penta Polyether Impression Material
Advantages - The new 3MTM ESPETM (Soft) Monophase Polyether Impression Material with its..
-Firmconsistency ​​-Morerigidimpression - Dustfree - Peppermint aroma - Good tear and de..
 The Youngest Generation Of Cavex Alginate With Virtual Intelligence  - Inn..
Cream Alginate
Express™XT VPS Impression Materials
Honigum®- Automix & MixStar Heavy/Heavy Fast
VPS-Based Pre-Impression Material  ..
Honigum®- Automix & MixStar Mono
VPS-Based Monophase Impression Material  Advantages - Precise reproduction of the ..
Honigum®- Light & Light Fast
VPS-Based Correction Impression Material  Advantages - Excellent flow p..
Impregum™ & Impregum™ Soft Impression Materials
Impression Alginate
 When Even The Tiniest Details Are Important - Unique combination of high elasticity and tear resi..
Imprint™ 3 and Imprint™ 3 Quick Step
Advantages -  Best balance of clinical properties, compared to other leading brands, ..
Imprint™ II and Imprint™ II Quick
Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material    ..
Imprint™ II Garant™ Monophase
Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material  - Designed for single-phase impressions of ..
The Orthodontic Alginate Impression Material With A Natural Smell Of Fruit  - Tuned..
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