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elast  O loop2 Separators
- The unique protection knobs are molded lingually and labially to provide protection  ..
Elast-o-loop Separators
- Superior stretch and rebound - Non-radiopaque  Item code: OT-480-306 Packing: 1,..
Elast-o-loop Separators
- Smooth injection molded plastic - Non-radiopaque  Item code : OT-480-301 Packing..
Losse S Modules
- No Latex - Three sizes  ..
Quick Ring™ Separators
- Each module is molded to a large, heavy supporting ring, which is easy to grasp with your ..
Radiopaque Separating Modules
- Show up clearly on x-rays - Heat-cured elastic retains resiliency - Ideal for use before ..
Radiopaque Separators
- Smooth injection molded plastic  ..
Separating Modules
- Contact quickly once in place for faster separation  ..
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