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Orthodontic Instruments

Orthodontic Instruments
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0.5 mm Step Plier
Easily detail your archwire by making 0.5 mm bayonet style bends with this specialty inserte..
1.0 mm Step Plier
Easily detail your archwire by making 1.0 mm bayonet style bends with this specialty inserte..
15° Pin and Fine Wire Cutter
The tips are angled 15o for a better field vision and to improve access. The tool steel inse..
200 Series Direct Bond Bracket Remover (Angled)
- Sharp beak wedges under bracket base - Lifts off bracket from tooth surface with no disco..
200 Series Flush-Cut Safety Hold Distal End Cutter
- Superior control when cutting behind second molars - Holds loose wire and cuts “flus..
200 Series Hard Wire Cutter
- Specially designed for cutting hard wire - Slightly larger head size for increased durabi..
200 Series Jarabak without Cutter
- Grooves on both beaks ensure accurate bending and closing with the addition of serration o..
200 Series Long Handle Distal End Cutter
- Longer and lighter slim design improves access to distal areas with less applied pressure ..
200 Series Micro Ligature Cutter
- If you have a small hand or like the feel of a small instrument, these pliers are for you ..
200 Series Miniature Safety Hold Distal End Cutter
- Compact design gives greater range of motion in tight areas - Holds cut wire end to prote..
200 Series Pin and Ligature Cutter, Small Head
- Small cutting head for better mobility and view of operative site plus full sized handles ..
200 Series Posterior Band Removers
- Band removal is easier and more comfortable - The replaceable 5mm bushing rests on occlus..
200 Series Safety Hold Distal End Cutter
- Cuts hard round, rectangular, an- nealed, and braided wire - Holds loose wire end, protec..
200 Series Standard Pin and Ligature Cutter
- Ideal for clean, flush cuts on pins and soft wire - Standard size tip and body of pliers ..
200 Series Weingart Pliers
- Offset beak provides a convenient working angle - Fully serrated tips hold wire firmly an..
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