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Hook, Locks and Stops

Hook, Locks and Stops
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Crimpable Archwire Hooks with Split Archwire Opening
- Excellent for use with mini- screw attachments - Closed coil springs or any auxillary att..
Crimpable Ball Hooks with Slide-On Archwire Opening
Crimpable Ball Hooks with Split-On Archwire Opening
-  Made from high quality stainless steel -  Smooth, rounded ball hooks can be pl..
Crimpable Bi-Directional Ball Hooks with Split Archwire Opening
- Easily place onto any size archwire inside or outside or outside of the mouth - Secure an..
Crimpable Mini Stops
-  Extremely low profile and small in size, making them more aes- thetically pleasing t..
Crimpable Split Stops
- Metal injected molded - Stainless Steel  ..
Gurin Auxillaries - Intraoral Hooks
Hooks And Stops(Closed Rectangular Cast Ball - Hook & Stop)
-  Special, sturdy design provides a secure hold for any auxiliary -  Easy applic..
Hooks And Stops(Closed Rectangular Curved Ball- Hook & Stop)
 Same rugged design with the added feature of a curved hook to provide a more secure an..
Hooks And Stops(Closed Round Sliding Hook)
- Avoid bracket failure from tying a Kobayashi Hook - Sliding hooks are constructed of heav..
Hooks And Stops(Grip-Tight™ Archwire Lock)
- Use MASEL’s precision made locks for retracting or rotating teeth without welding or..
Hooks And Stops(Split Curved Ball - Hook And Stop)
Soft Temper, Burr-Free Finish For Crimping And Welding  -  Simply slip this ho..
Hooks And Stops(Split Rectangular Stops)
Hooks And Stops(Split Surgical Ball - Hook & Stop)
- Ball hooks bend easily in any direction, remain firmly in place when crimped ..
ToothTone® Aesthetic Coated Crimpable Bi-Directional Ball Hooks
- Split archwire opening - For total aesthetic treatment  ..
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