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BetaForce™ Beta Titanium
The BetaForce Beta Titanium archwires are nickel-free with properties that fall between the ..
Elastinol™Nickel Titanium Archwire
-  In Natural, International and Standard archforms -  Recommended for all treatm..
Nickel-Free Titanium Beta III™ with T-Loop
Better Retractional Force Stainless Steel Due To Superior Spring Back  ..
Perma Sharp® Sutures
Permachrome Resilient Archwire
RetroArch™ Reverse Curve
- Our nickel titanium reverse curve of spee archwire - As an initial wire for leaveling and..
Stainless Steel Resilient Bright Archwires
  - Easier to bend and even more ductile than our golden wire, but with the resilien..
Tooth Tone® Coated Nickel Titanium Full Form Archwires
- The same great features as our TruFlex Nickel Titanium archwires with a durable tooth colo..
Tooth Tone® Coated Stainless Steel Full Form Archwires
Triple Twist R™ Straight Lengths And Spools
TruFlex™ Nickel Titanium Archwires (Euro Form Archwires)
TruFlex™ Nickel Titanium Archwires (Full Form Archwires)
TruFlex™ Nickel Titanium Reverse Curve of Spee
- RCS TruFlex NiTi are designed for bite opening and closing due to deep or open bites and ..
TruFlex™ Nickel Titanium Straight Leg Curve of Spee
 Straight Leg RCS TruFlex NiTi are designed with additional length. Excellent wire for ..
TruFlex™Thermal Nickel Titanium Archwires
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