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Polishing Abrasives

Polishing Abrasives
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Brownie, Greenie and  SuperGreenie
- These popular silicone polishers are impregnated with high quality polishing ingredien..
Ceramaster Coarse and  Ceramaster
- Diamond impregnated polishers designed with a unique blend of silicone and even distributi..
- Designed for polishing porcelain and enamel to achieve a glazed-like polish • Sta..
CompoMaster Coarse and CompoMaster
- Diamond impregnated polishers designed with a unique blend and high density of natural dia..
Composite and Composite Fine
- These polishers are perfect for finishing glass ionomer and hybrid composites without scra..
 2-in-1 finishing and polishing of all tooth coloured direct restorations ..
SoftCut - HP
Created for contouring and polishing porcelain an indirect composite restorations Reco..
Super-Snap System
- Super-snap disks have soft, safe, plastic snap- on mounts for mandrels - Without metal..
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