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Bur Kits

Bur Kits
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Acrylic Contouring and Finishing Kit
Amalgam Polishing Kit
An ideal assortment of abrasives impreg- nated with polishing compounds to pro- vide fast a..
Bur Kits (Diatech Inlay and Crown Preparation Kit)
Diatech Inlay & Crown Preparation Kit  - Everything depends on the geometry of the..
Bur Kits (Diatech Universal Shapening and Finishing Kit)
  Diatech Universal Shapening & Finishing Kit  - Comprises 8 Multi..
Bur Kits(Diatech Composite Polishing Kit)
- Smooth surfaces offer the best protection against plaque ac- cumulation and discolouration..
Bur Kits(Diatech Crown and Bridge Separation Kit)
- Time saving - These 3 cross-cut burs and 1 tungsten carbide bur plus the coarse Multil..
Ceramage Polishing Kit
Specially created to achieve a lustrous super polished surface on Ceramic Polymer materials..
Composite Finishing Kit
Designed for contouring and finishing aesthetic restorations  ..
Composite Polishing Kit
A comprehensive assortment for finishing and polishing of compo- sites and glass ionomers&n..
Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit
Ideal for speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of Crown and &nbs..
Enamel Adjustment Kit
Designed for cosmetic contouring of natural dentition or porcelain and super polishing the ..
Porcelain Adjustment Kit
For chairside adjustment and polishing or procelain restorations to a glaze like finis..
Strauss Composite Kit
Strauss Porcelain Veneer Kit
Super-Snap System
Super-Snap is a comprehensive polishing system for      all direct aes..
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