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Bone Graft & Membranes(MinerOss® X Family of Xenografts)

Bone Graft & Membranes(MinerOss® X Family of Xenografts)

Product Code: BH-MINX-CAN0.25GR(See the table)

Applications include:

- Ridge and sinus augmentation
- Extraction socket grafting
- Infrabony periodontal defects
- Grafting for implant placement 

MinerOss® X Collagen
MinerOss® X Collagen is a combination of 95% anor- ganic cancellous bovine bone and approximately 5% bovine collagen.
This block form allows for convenience during placement and an ideal solution for many appli- cations. 

MinerOss® X Particulate
MinerOss® X Particulate is available in either can- cellous or cortical form. The complex trabecular architecture and natural
consistency allow for ideal bone formation at the defect site. 

MinerOss® X Syringe
MinerOss® X Syringe is cancellous particulate pre- loaded into a delivery syringe to assist with optimal placement at the defect site. 


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