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Ketac™ Fil Quick Aplicap™ Glass Ionomer Restorative

Ketac™ Fil Quick Aplicap™ Glass Ionomer Restorative

Product Code: 3M-55020/55030/55040/55050/55060

The Radiopaque Conventional Glass Ionomer Filling Material In The Unique Aplicap
  Delivery System Offers High Fluoride Release And Helps You Achieve Virtually Invisible
  Anterior Restorations 

- Provides molecular bond to enamel and dentin to guarantee a tight marginal seal
- Offers high fluoride release
- Radiopaque
- Consistent, easy and unit-dose dispensing with high visibility during placement
- Minimal preparation
- Available in eight esthetic shades to better match existing tooth structure 

- Class III and Class IV restorations - Wedge-shaped defects
- Small Class I fillings
- Core buildups


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