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Ketac™ Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative

Ketac™ Silver Glass Ionomer Restorative

Product Code: 3M-37010/56210

This Sliver Glass Ionomer Contains No Amalgam And Offers High, Long-Term Fluoride Release As Well
  As Adhesion To Enamel And Dentin To Ensure Sealed, Lasting Restorations Without Need For Undercut 

- Silver particles are sintered into the glass using a 3M ESPE process, which makes Ketac Silver glass ionomer restorative an excellent thermal and electrical insulator
- Offers high, sustained fluoride release
- Contains no amalgam
- AplicapTM and MaxicapTM delivery systems provide accurate, consistent mixing and easy dispensing
- Maxicap is indicated for extended core build-ups 


- Core buildups
- Primary teeth fillings
- Base under amalgams
- Small fillings in posterior teeth
- Temporary restorations

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